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Warehouse / Logistics

In the warehouse where lots of products are constantly coming in and out, it will be very hard to carry products holding the heavy RFID reader with one hand all day long. What about Senscan FIT? Just wear the Senscan FIT on your wrist. And simply push the finger button to easily scan the products.


If you use the fixed RFID reader in the general process of the airport such as loading & unloading freights on/from airplanes, vehicles and pallets, the fixed RFID reader will automatically and conveniently read the freight’s RFID tags.

Delivery service

Senscan UNI gives a sense of lightness to couriers who have to carry the heavy freight all day long. Instead of the heavy PDA, connect Senscan UNI to your smart phone. Then you can check the freight delivery simply.

Conveyor belt

The installation of Senscan RF above the conveyor belt allows to automatically read the products passing on the conveyor belt without the need to scan every and each product.

Retail Shop / Checkout Counter

You can simply use the Senscan UNI to read barcode. And if you have the customized counter equipped with Senscan RF, the fixed RFID reader, the only thing you need to do is just to put the shopping basket full with a variety of products on the Senscan RF. And you can see all data of products at the same time.

Retail shop / Hospital

Senscan UNI is available for the quick and simple charge. Due to the flowing design, Senscan UNI is being used at not only industrial areas but also retail outlets and hospitals.